Finive helps build beautifully designed firms into incredible wins.

We are what we believe. We founded and built an entire company on this idea. We believe in Winning. We are obsessed with winning. And we believe we are helping tiny firms, and the tiny-treps that lead them, win. We believe tiny firms are superheroes. We believe we are improving the world by building winners.

We believe it is our birthright to win and that everyone was born to be a winner. We believe winners come from all walks of life and every corner of the globe. We believe that every tiny firm can become a winner.

We believe in the thrill of winning. Winning is exciting. Winning is liberating. Winning is full of emotion. We believe Life is about emotions and the emotions that winning produces is what makes life fun.

We believe in the win/win; not the management cliche, rather real wins of value on both sides of every transaction. We believe it is only the long-run value creation that counts as a win. We believe that when tiny firms win they gain freedom for the lives of their stakeholders by living their passion.

We believe in passion. We believe in being brave and pursuing that passion. Our passion is to transform ideas into commercial realities. We believe in the correlation between inspiration and perspiration. We believe in pushing further, faster, and with less than it is thought to be possible. We believe in finding new ideas from new people and cultures to solve new problems to win. We believe our passion is what propels us to win and we will win by sharing our passion with the world.

We believe in people. We believe people are good. We believe tiny-treps are good people trying to do the seemingly impossible to make their life better. We believe tiny-treps are winning to make their life better for themselves, their family, the markets they serve, and the community that supports them. We believe in a person’s word. We believe in each other. We believe in Love.

We believe It’s tough changing the world. We believe we can. We believe in you. TODAY GO WIN!

This is what we believe.

Finive Executive Session

Finive's Executive Session is designed to help entrepreneurs, innovators, startups, and incubators launch new businesses, enter new markets, commercialize breakthrough ideas, or merely to think “bigger” about future opportunities.  Providing financial expertise, we help to build a collaborative network of partners—all with the courage to take a risk and the determination to succeed.  Our clients and the startups we guide all benefit from the insights and innovations that emerge from these collaborations.   

Today Go Win!

Finive is a team of number crunchers who love and obsess over cash flow for small businesses, so owners know their profit model performance and can make the big decisions to win.

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