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Finive is where today's ambitious entrepreneurs successfully create tomorrow's disruptive businesses, faster and smarter.  We provide seed-stage support to innovative Main Street businesses, make the connections that positively impact entrepreneurs’ chances of success, and value through direct investment and our financial expertise. 

At Finive we build winners. Our approach is uniquely designed to delivery fast focused results on as low of a budget as possible.  Some companies say they 'Bootstrap' we prefer frugal. 

What is Main Street? 

Main Street is where our local economy is.  These are businesses that impact large numbers of clients on a daily basis who walk into their storefronts or reach them from around the world.  These businesses are hip and cool, gritty and dirty, drive pickup trucks and town cars.  Bottom line is they are more than just tech.  The business model is more than 'build it,' 'priced for free,' 'lots of users,' then 'sell.'  Main Street business leverage technology in their business to create economic opportunities that did not exist ten years ago.  They are local neighbors reaching clients across town and creating markets globally.  

Why Frugality?

Our philosophy is that you should control your startup as much as possible from launch to growth.  Pursuing equity funding dilutes the founder's ownership often to as little as ten-percent after multiple rounds.  We do not believe entrepreneurship is about creating another job for yourself.  We believe the founder should control the entity and be able to secure for him or herself the freedom to pursue their passion.  Finive's Seed Funding helps you launch your startup with frugality and maintain control.  Giving up large amounts of equity sets you up for another job.  Finive is about freedom and reaching the Win.

Why Finive?

Finive will help you focus by offering the support of a mentor network that has built a Main Street business before. We will help you attract and win your first customers and create as many early-stage opportunities as we can. We help you where you need help.  Through business reviews, mentors will help the founders begin the formation of a business model and win their first customers.  As you grow from seed to startup, we will still be engaged as shareholders and continue to support you.  In return for the investment made by Finive into your startup, we receive a minimal percentage of the startup’s equity.  We aim to help our investments win their initial customers, gain traction and be on the path to becoming a winner.

Building a business on Main Street is hard.

Some accept this. We are changing it. For the better.

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Finive is a team of number crunchers who love and obsess over cash flow to help visionary business leaders fund their win.

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