Our Work

Finive works with tiny firms to address key questions at pivotal points in their growth.

Finive's financial coaching is designed to help entrepreneurs, innovators, startups, and incubators launch new businesses, enter new markets, commercialize breakthrough ideas, or merely to think “bigger” about future opportunities.  Providing financial expertise, we help to build a collaborative network of partners—all with the courage to take a risk and the determination to succeed.  Our clients and the startups we guide all benefit from the insights and innovations that emerge from these collaborations.

Finive teams with start-up founders and CEOs to help them tackle business challenges, address strategic problems, and reach new heights.

  • Pro-Forma Financial Statements

  • Pitch Deck Design

  • Business Plan Development

  • Cash Flow Planning and Forecasting

  • Equity and Debt Planning

  • Margin Analysis

  • Business Model Design

  • Pivot Ideation

  • Financial Crisis Intervention

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