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Advanced Business Analytics

Drive better decision-making with more meaningful and predictive insights

Finive Makes It Easy to Turn Your Data Into Actionable Insights

Monitor and visualize your business on one easy to use real-time dashboard. Revenue, expenses, social media, analytics, marketing, sales, support – all of your data together.

Built by expert number crunchers who obsess over cash flow.

Using data to drive cash in your business.

Make better decisions

Cash forecasting for real insights and analytics to give company leadership decision making superpowers. 

Benchmark to the best

The Finive cash analysis includes benchmarking against industry peers to motivate the best in class performance. 

Gain insightful reporting

Finive creates awesome financial reports so you can build your business, faster and better.  

Grow faster

Our client leaders save significant amounts of time and effort with visibility of company-wide current and future cash flow requirements.

Connected to your data

Securely display data from your company’s databases and online cloud services such as CRM, accounting, support, and service platforms. 

Act in real-time

Realtime evaluation of the firm’s performance with viewpoint rooted in cash drives the acceleration of profit funded growth.

Connected to Your Data

Custom Analytical Views

Easily visualize your business performance with insightful analytics, delivering a personal and immediate understanding of what is going on. Combine data from any source to effectively display and monitor the status of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). You never write a single line of code.