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Competitive Calculus

Data-driven cash flow growth.

Data is everywhere, put it to use with Finive to fuel growth using internal cash flow.  Be a fierce competitor in your market by using cash as a source of strength.

Innovative Cash Flow Intelligence

Finive Competitive Calculus is an innovative human-machine model that optimizes the synergy of machine learning, digital technologies, and talent to help businesses transform operations to drive cash flow performance. 

Competitive Calculus augments insights from company human talent with internal and external data sources to enable better cash flow decisions and drive business growth. The power of Competitive Calculus is harnessed into each service offering of Finive.

Is your finance function slow, inefficient, and disconnected from the rest of the business?

Speed and agility are essential for business success. Businesses need to be able to make fast, data-driven decisions.  Inflexible finance processes negatively impact the ability to grow and respond to market changes.

Finive’s Competitive Calculus creates a seamless digital foundation for your finance function.  Improve efficiency across your organization with process automation and collaboration.

Delivering Finance Transformation


Increase in FCF


Faster Decision Cycle


Expense Reduction


Data Sources

Finive integrates with your data from over 150 sources.