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Finive is cash intelligence for small businesses and tiny firms in the U.S.

A better cash flow forecast for your business built by expert number crunchers who obsess over cash flow. Using a profit model forecasting method, you will know your cash flow projection up to 24 months out. This allows you to take decisive action to drive profit funded growth.

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$625 Per Month

  • Up to a rolling 24 month cash forecast

  • 10 Profit Model Variables

  • CFO Briefing

  • Performance Benchmarking

  • Cash Results Report

  • Monthly Financial Deck

  • 3 Scenario What-If Analysis

  • Profit Model Performance Analysis

  • Ask Finive - On-Demand Financial Questions


How much do you charge?

Finive's Cash Flow Forecasting starts at $625 per month.

How long does it take to receive a first forecast?

Most clients can complete the onboarding and receive a first initial forecast within a week.

Will the forecast be right?

We use a business model approach to calculate each forecast.  The variables that drive the outcome each have unique fluctuations.  Our goal is to show you what happens if you operate your business based on the profit model you developed.  

Do I have to install or setup software?

Not typically.  We need to connect to your data and will send you the reporting package using popular tools most users have. 

Do you collaborate?

Yes!  We work with you to build a better result.  Each client has a CFO partner to better understand your unique business and refine the cash forecasting model. 

Is Ask Finive Extra?

No, you do not pay more for Ask Finive.  It is a service included with every account. 

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Finive is a team of number crunchers who love and obsess over cash flow for small businesses, so owners can make the big decisions to win.

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