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Forward Excellence.
Go Further. Go Faster.

Finive’s Forward Excellence helps business owners to self-fund their growth and build a nimble, responsive, and fiercely competitive company.

Forward Excellence accelerates growth by ensuring that the right cash flow decisions are at the heart of everything you do.

Grow By Using Internally Generated Funds

Finive will help you design a profit model to fund your growth using internal cash flow and increase your firm’s rate of free cash flow generation in the process.

Our knowledge and experience of cash flow have generated free cash flow for clients to drive growth, stabilize operations, and achieve the founder’s vision.

How do we do it?

We leverage your product’s unique value proposition to design a profit-model with the ability to generate free cash flow.  Then we set out to increase your firm’s rate of free cash flow generation using smart, tested, and high-value creation strategies that work.  We’ll drive free cash flow up while increasing your ability to sell fund growth.

Forward Excellence is a cash playbook that has proven to work over and over. Why try to reinvent the wheel when you can use our processes and compound your FCF?

OUR FOCUS: Growing Your Free Cash Flow

We’ve worked with many firms of varying size and industry and know how challenging—and rewarding!—it can be to generate the cash needed to build a win.  Our cash focused CFOs will create customized, cash-generating profit-model strategies for your firm using value-creation best practices.

We’ll create a profit-model strategy to fuel growth, identify actionable insights, create focused KPIs, and map a transformation to achieve your win.

You’ve built a remarkable problem-solving product, and now let’s generate the free cash flow needed to realize your vision.

OUR OFFER: A Risk Free Solution

We are confident in our ability to design a profit-model with the ability to generate free cash flow for your business.  As a result of our confidence, we will not charge you unless we come up with a viable model with a strategy you can implement.

Yes, you pay nothing unless Finive creates a cash-generating plan for you.  Sound good? Call us Today. 

You Can Expect

Faster Growth

Our client leaders save significant amounts of time and effort with visibility of company-wide current and future cash flow requirements.

Risk & Levers

The potential for gains and losses of cash in several ‘what-if’ scenarios.

Cash Velocity

The speed of cash movement in your organization and the critical strategic priorities.

Profit-Model Visibility

The cash forecast is designed to analyze where the company is heading as well as the growth model of the organization.