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Solving the cash flow equation shouldn’t be hard.

We are number crunchers who love and obsess over cash flow, committed to building a better world by calculating a path to win.

Our Story

From building our first rudimentary Excel budgets to using machine learning to forecast demand trends, Finive has been calculating the strategic choices to help business leaders drive growth so they can win. 

Finive set out intentionally to become a great company by helping to build other great firms. One that not only celebrated profit and the creation of value but also brought a feeling of winning. Our mission is to create a positive impact by strategically funding wins.

At Finive, we are building the tools to helps business leaders calculate a forecast of their strategic decisions so they can focus on analysis and taking actions.  Right now many leaders use a hunch and a napkin sketch to analyze their strategic plan. Others use a spreadsheet with base variable inputs.   Finive replaces this with human expertise, analytical software, and results tracking to provide profit model clarity.

Finive’s customers include tech companies, healthcare firms, b2b businesses, and manufacturers. Almost everyone who is selling can benefit from accurate and timely forecasting of the design of their strategic initiatives.  Profit model clarity can often have a big impact on the creation of a win.

  • 2012

    Finive launches with the idea that cash flow positive companies can self-fund their growth.

  • 2013

    Quickly outgrowing Excel, Finive begins to develop a database-powered reporting model. 

  • 2015

    Finive forecast $1 Trillion of financial activity for clients. 

  • 2018

    Releases Finive Fwd, a new forecasting model that uses machine learning and advanced analytics. 

  • 2019

    Finive creates Ask Amos, a cash flow learning tool for independent business owners. 

  • 2020

    Finive Foward helps businesses successfully navigate the Covid-19 economic downfall. 

Our Belief in Winning

We are what we believe. We founded and built an entire company on this idea. We believe in winning. We are obsessed with winning. We are obsessed with cash flow. And we believe we are helping great firms, and the visionary entrepreneurs that lead them, win. We believe we are improving the world by building winners.

We believe it is our birthright to win and that everyone was born to be a winner. We believe winners come from all walks of life and every corner of the globe. We believe in building winners from profit funded growth. 

We believe in the thrill of winning. Winning is exciting. Winning is liberating. Winning is full of emotion. We believe life is about emotions, and the emotions that winning produces are what make life fun.

We believe in the win/win; not the management cliche, rather real wins of value on both sides of every transaction. We believe it is only the long-run value creation that counts as a win. We believe that when firms win, they gain freedom for the lives of their stakeholders by living their passion.

We believe in passion. We believe in being brave and pursuing that passion. Our passion is to transform ideas into commercial realities using cash profit to fund growth. We believe in the correlation between inspiration and perspiration. We believe in pushing further, faster, and with less than is thought possible. We believe in finding new ideas from new people and cultures to solve new problems to win. We believe our passion is what propels us to win, and we will win by sharing our passion with the world.

We believe in people. We believe people are good. We believe entrepreneurs are good people trying to do the seemingly impossible to make their life better. We believe entrepreneurs are winning to make their life better for themselves, their families, the markets they serve, and the community that supports them. We believe in a person’s word. We believe in each other. We believe in love.

We believe it is tough changing the world. We believe we can. We believe in you.

This is what we believe.

— Join the team

We’re always looking for smart, passionate people who want to grow professionally. Email us at and tell us about yourself.

Creating and scaling the best cash flow tools takes exceptional people, perspectives, and partnerships.

Together with our extended team of customers, investors, advisors, and industry partners, we are working hard to bring strategic calculus to businesses everywhere and realize even more wins.

To merely survive is often a matter of luck, but being able to take advantage of good fortune depends upon alertness, preparedness, and consistency of intent.  Your analysis of the situation must lead to intentional action. Only intentional action will transform mere survival into a win.

— Gregory Brickner         
Co-Founder of Finive