We calculate Cash Flow & Profit for visionary business leaders to win.

Intentionally grow your business using internally generated funds with actionable cash flow insights, strategic analytics, and a competitive forecast calculated from your strategic vision.

Competitive Calculus for the Next Age of Business

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Zero upfront learning curve

Immediately see analytical gains without learning code or other complicated systems.

Zero burden launch, end-to-end support

Finive does the work to translate your strategic vision into a competitive forecast

More than a 3-month moving average

Finive transforms your numbers by taking into account past, current, and future variables to produce a competitive forecast from your strategic vision.   


Solving for Positive Cash

Finive is the secret weapon of visionary decision makers.

Actionable insights you really can lead from.
See your results clearly with the Cash Performance Report.
Define a funding strategy to win.

Competitive Calculus

Data is everywhere: Put it to use with Finive


Ask Amos is where business leaders get to work on Cash Flow.

Built by the number crunchers at Finive, Amos is ready to help manage your cash flow. Have a cash flow questions? Ask Amos.  


Improve your cash flow skills through our training programs.

We publish resources to help leaders address cash flow, finance, and accounting needs. This is our DIY program so you can achieve your win.


Cash Performance Report

The Cash Performance Report

Understanding the cash flow activity of the organization creates insights to drive results.  The cash performance report creates a clear cash flow picture of the organization by merging the Income Statment and Statement of Cash Flows.  The resulting financial reporting distills the movement of cash in the company to create a clear perspective of the net cash gain. 


Evaluate Performance and Drive Success with KPIs

Business leaders are often seeking ways to find a higher tier of growth and motivate the team to achieve more than they thought possible.   We discuss performance with other words, such as targets and objectives...


Forecasting Your Cash Flow

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