Today Go Win!

Finive is a remote accelerator for tiny firms.  We invest in the amazing humans on Main Street.

Forward Excellence

We work with you to achieve your most critical business priorities

At any moment there is a million things you can do, but what is the next most important thing to do?

Finive is building beautifully designed tiny firms by investing in and partnering with amazing humans on Main Street.

At Finive, we believe in the power of tiny.  Tiny firms can make profound impacts on the markets they serve.  A dominant tiny firm is agile and can consistently help their customers and contribute to their communities.

Finive partners with owners to build strategies into action for the future. We love Bootstrappers and embrace their thinking. Our goal is to provide you with guidance, mentorship, and a small amount of funding to dramatically increase your chance of success.

We are Finive.

We are in the business of building great companies.  We are in the business of winning. 

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