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Finive Service

Forecast Your Cash Flow

Transform your business taking into account past, current, and future variables to produce a cash forecast with insights for improvement, helping you internally fund your growth.

Why do growing businesses choose Finive for their Cash Forecasting needs?

Finive helps you build a business that generates cash so you can stop searching for loans, equity, and other sources of funding.  We are very good at cash flow.

Built by expert number crunchers who obsess over cash flow.

A better use of cash in your business.

Make better decisions

Cash forecasting for real insights and analytics to give company leadership decision making superpowers. 

Benchmark to the best

The Finive cash analysis includes benchmarking against industry peers to motivate the best in class performance. 

Know your profit model

The cash forecast is designed to analyze where the company is heading as well as the growth model of the organization.

Gain insightful reporting

Finive creates awesome financial reports so you can build your business, faster and better.  

Know your cash position

Finive’s calculation engine produces insightful reporting so you can make better decisions, know your cash position, and win.

A CFO to help

We help business leaders digest the cash analysis and build their organizational vision. 

Visualize your cash velocity

Understand the speed of cash movement in your organization and the critical strategic priorities that fuel it.

Connected to your data

Bespoke profit modeling of your organization produces efficient cash modeling, integrated with your company’s accounting systems.

Grow faster

Our client leaders save significant amounts of time and effort with visibility of company-wide current and future cash flow requirements.

Act in real-time

Realtime evaluation of the firm’s performance with viewpoint rooted in cash drives the acceleration of profit funded growth.

Visibility You Need to Run Your Business

Finive transforms your numbers by taking into account past, current, and future variables to produce a competitive forecast.  Multiple data sources feed the formula to produce a summation of the organizational strategy and vision.  The calculation engine crunches the data using human intelligence augmented by software automation and financial science.

No matter the complexity of the operating environment, Finive is designed to interpret your strategic vision for exceptional cash-flow clarity. Enjoy cash flow insights allowing you to focus on operational performance, strategy, and driving growth.

How do we do it?

Finive Forecasting uses a Triple Statement Technique to join all three financial statements into a coherent forecast. Our approach improves the reliability of the results and ensures the entire competitive model is working in concert.

Finive Forecasting

  • Dedicated finance expert

  • 60 Month Cash Flow Forecast

  • Cash Performance Report

  • Income statement variance report

  • Analysis of Results – Monthly & YTD

  • Sales and customer Analysis

  • AR & AP analysis and reporting

  • Cash flow analysis

  • Performance Benchmarking – you pick up to 5 public company peers

OUR FOCUS: Gaining Clarity of Free Cash Flow

The past is one data element influencing the future but does not stand alone to predict the future. Finive Forecasting uses the past as one input of many to guide the analysis and calculation result. The calculation of the forecast is more than a moving average of the prior three months of actuals. The system architecture collects data from many points of your organization to capture revenue projections, the expense horizon, and production scheduling.  Most importantly we interview you to capture your strategic vision of the organization and seek to mirror this into the competitive forecast. 
Finive Forecast is focused to increase clarity into free cash flow to allow leadership to act on opportunities for the firm strategically. Act with clarity with vendors, customers, and other important stakeholders to seize the competitive position and realize the organization’s win.

OUR OFFER: A Risk Free Solution

We are confident in our ability to build a cash positive competitive forecast for your business.  As a result of our confidence, we will not charge you unless we come up with a viable model with a strategy you can implement.

Yes, you pay nothing unless Finive creates a cash flow positive plan for you.  Sound good? Call us Today. 

You Can Expect

60 • 0 • 0 • 06

Sixty Months Forward

More than a 3-month moving average. Finive transforms your numbers by taking into account past, current, and future variables to produce a competitive forecast from your strategic vision.

Zero Burden Launch

Zero burden launch with end-to-end support because the Finive team does the work to translate your strategic vision into a competitive forecast.

Zero Learning Curve

Immediately see analytical gains without learning code or other complicated systems.

Six Days to Draft 1

We know speed is important and will deliver the first draft of the calculation results within six days. From here we refine and dial in the model to math your strategic vision.