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Business Idea: Create Templates

It may seem obvious to you but many other people do not want to take the time to figure out that really clever file you just made. Yup, turn your files into templates for others. This might be website templates, infographic templates, and a coloring book or craft templates. Maybe you have figure out the best way to manage a family reunion – turn your forms into templates. There are many template sites available that likely cater to your specific audience. Teachers Pay Teachers is a great site for most educational items. Graphic River allows artist to sell file templates for most business purposes. There is surely a niche market for your templates. The value for you here is not to get rich quick. You create the file once and then earn revenue for years to come.

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Gregory Brickner

Gregory is the Co-Founder of Finive and a number cruncher himself. He leads the obsession for cash flow for small businesses that is the Finive spirit. With insights into cash flow, business owners make better decisions, increase profit, and achieve their wins.