Co-Founder & CFO

In 2012, Gregory founded Finive focused on helping business leaders build success firms.  Today he continues to lead the team of number crunchers at Finive to develop fantastic products to fuel growth.  

“Keep moving forward and never stop.”
Gregory’s Philosophy
Founder & Personal Trainer

About Gregory

Gregory Brickner is a CFO that is passionate about cash flow. He is known for a unique perspective to problem-solving augmented by strong technical skills, to bring growth to a variety of businesses within the healthcare, technology, and manufacturing sectors.

His work experience focuses on figuring out complicated performance issues for organizations challenged to find a higher tier of growth. As a CFO, Gregory believes in the necessity and growth of free cash flow above all else. Most often, this work has been for firms on Main Street and in business units within big corporations. Both can have similar resource constraints and market issues. Regardless of the organization, every day he pushes to get things done FAST, and when you need six signatures to buy coffee, he will go nuts.

Gregory lives with his wife and children in Metro Atlanta.

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Financial Apps & Tools

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Forecasting Guide

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Free Cash Flow Is  | Helping you understand cash flow and become a cash flow winner

Cash Performance Report

Translating EBITDA into Cash Flow Performance to fuel growth.

Understanding the cash flow activity of the organization creates insights to drive results. The cash performance report creates a clear cash flow picture of the organization by merging the Income Statement and Statement of Cash Flows. 

Three Things Your Budget Must Have

Key elements of a successful budget for a growing business.

Many organizations are starting to think about the 2021 budget cycle. Before you get too far in the planning consider these three elements to produce a quality budget.

Why Your Business Needs Cash Flow Forecasting

Regular cash flow forecasting is an essential part of strategic planning to fuel growth.

A regular cash flow forecasting routine is a catalyst to achieve your growth goals. The forecasting process will force you to do the mental exercise of working ON your business instead of merely IN it. 

Evaluate Performance and Drive Success with KPIs

An introduction creating KPIs for behavior gains in your business.

Business leaders are often seeking ways to find a higher tier of growth and motivate the team to achieve more than they thought possible. We discuss performance with other words, such as targets and objectives. 

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