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Business Idea: Research as a Service

Google is great for quick and popular tasks of online information.  Many businesses have teams that research industry and strategic interest.  Small businesses lack the budgets to fund large research teams.  You can fill this void for several firms and produce a nice income.  Maybe you help the CEO brush up on the specifics of a potential customer before he meets them for a meeting.  Other times you could dig up the latest activities of a competitor.  The value is in going deep.  Anyone can glean the top hits on google.  You can stand in the government office to get a copy of the latest building permit to find out the water consumption of a competitor so your client can know their production volume.  The value is in the results of the information and your ability to concisely organize the findings.

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Gregory Brickner

Gregory is the Co-Founder of Finive and a number cruncher himself. He leads the obsession for cash flow for small businesses that is the Finive spirit. With insights into cash flow, business owners make better decisions, increase profit, and achieve their wins.