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Business Idea: Sell Craft Items Online

Creative type? Maybe there is a product you enjoy making and have a small following of raving fans.  Place your offering online to sites like Etsy, eBay, and possibly even Amazon.  It could be anything from home decorations to special thank you gifts.  The key in this market is to create a specific niche offering.  Be careful not to violate any trademark by creating logoed products by hand.  Many home craftspersons have gotten into trouble by creating someone else’s logo on their product.

You could fill the void for a tiny market that is big enough to support you.  Is there a specific need of plumbers, RVers, or chefs that you could solve with your sewing skills?  Do truck drivers need a handy metalwork gadget you could make?

I placed an order on eBay for a set of window covers for my RV, made specifically for my RV.  They fit better than the generic, yet expensive mass market versions for a slightly higher price.   The benefit for me was an exact fit to my vehicle.  The mother-daughter team made the order specifically for me at the time of my order so they are not carrying any inventory.  My order arrived a week or so after I placed it and I was thrilled.  My order was close to $1,000.  Even if they only sold 30 or so orders like mine a year they still have a nice $30,000 small business.  I’m betting they sell a whole lot more and have an incredibly high margin on their fabulous product.

What can you make for someone to make their life better?

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Gregory Brickner

Gregory is the Co-Founder of Finive and a number cruncher himself. He leads the obsession for cash flow for small businesses that is the Finive spirit. With insights into cash flow, business owners make better decisions, increase profit, and achieve their wins.