The Benefits of a Cash Flow Forecast

Entrepreneurs must consider the cash flow of their businesses. Another aspect to carry out is a cash flow forecast. A cash flow forecast estimates and predicts the inflow and outflow of cash into a business’s bank account. A forecast is normally made for every end of the quarter or month.  There are many benefits of a cash flow forecast when executed and used properly. Here’s a list...

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The Value of Cash Flow for Small Businesses

You’re excited to start your small business. You’re confident that your product or service offering will blow the market away. Sure, that’s definitely an excellent foundation for a new business. But new business owners must also master some basic financial principles, especially if you have no prior finance backgrounds. Do you know that insufficient funds or negative cash flow...

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Understand What Cash Flow Is and How You Can Manage It Properly

For small businesses, Cash Flow plays a vital role in its growth and progress. Many companies declare that cash flow can become an obstacle to success if not managed properly. In this article, you’ll learn what Cash Flow is and how you can manage it properly to ensure business growth and success. What Is Cash Flow? Cash Flow (CF) refers to the movement and amount of a business’s incoming...

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Self-Funding Your Startup

Pop culture leads us to believe that everyone is getting funded with million dollar competitive term sheets with catchy buzz phrases like “Uber for cats” or “Airbnb for Ice Skates.” The stark reality is that very few startups get funded. To qualify this reality, many will cite a Fundable report that claims less than 0.05% receive at least one round of VC and 0.91% receive angel funding. Digging...

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